Meet the Administration!

Mick Fleming and Drindy Gier


KidsCentre Inc. is owned by local parents, Mick Fleming and Drindy Gier, who in the late 1980's, were looking for quality infant care for their daughters. They still own KidsCentre and stay actively involved, but leave the day-to-day running of the center to the administrative team.

Kerstin Brinson

Executive Director

I am a mother of two girls... Jenna age 18 and Cassidy, a vibrant 2 1/2 year old. My husband is a United States Army Veteran and now works in the Human Resource Department at the VA Hospital here in Seattle. We enjoy spending most of our time with our friends camping, swimming, and taking vacations together to sunny destinations.

I have worked in the education field since 1995 and I knew from the very beginning that it was the right career choice for me. Working with children is not only my career but it is my passion. With each new passing day children provide experiences, challenges and opportunities that are not to be taken for granted. I enjoy the demands of the job as well as the significant rewards. Children are wonderful, fun, silly, creative, gentle and happy and it is a privilege to be a part of their daily lives!

I began working in the Early Childhood Education field starting as a Toddler Teacher and advanced my way up throughout the years to become a Center Director. Throughout my career I have successfully strengthened community relationships and involvement, established rapport and trust with children, parents and staff and developed a team of professionals who strengthen the reputation of the organization. I have a strong love and dedication to the field of education, which gives me the drive needed to lead effectively in this diverse and ever-changing industry. My goal is to continue to strive toward excellence within my position as Executive Director in order to ensure that every child is nurtured and loved at KidsCentre.

Teresa Askew

Director of Operations

I am very excited to join the management team at KidsCentre. I have most recently worked as the Assistant Director/Programmer at KinderCare Learning Center in Puyallup and have been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for four years. My previous experience has been in the medical field, where I worked as a nurse for over 30 years. I have been married for 30 years to my husband, Michael, and have two wonderful children. Rachel, the oldest graduate from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Communications and a minor in African American studies and business administration, and Michael Jr., who is currently attending Pierce College, is working towards his degree in Early childhood Education.  

As a teacher, I believe it is essential to focus on whole child development in the classroom to allow children to grow in a developmentally appropriate way. Children need the chance to work out or assess a situation on their own. But as teachers, there will be times when we need to guide them in the right direction. 

As parents and teachers, we are responsible for the development of children’s ability to cope with other people in his or her world. It is vital to give them opportunities to develop social skills. It is during playtime that they will develop their social skills by working with others to accomplish a goal. Children learn to share and take turns while in the classroom as they negotiate their time and space with other children. A child must gain healthy self-esteem and develop a sense of personal competency. This can be achieved by praising children’s accomplishments.  I believe that each child is unique, and each child learns differently. It is my goal to create a community of learners who are committed to working hard and having fun. I look forward to getting to know you and your child better.

Caitlin Frackenpohl

Spring Street Onsite Director 

I am thrilled to be welcomed into the KidsCentre family! I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 12 years. We have two children. Jillian, age 11 a bright and beautiful young lady and Cooper age 3, a comical spitfire who keeps us on our toes. We love to spend time together with family and friends, especially playing outside! Some of my favorite hobbies include listening to audio books, being crafty, and drinking coffee.

I come from a long line of teachers. The passion for early childhood education runs in my veins. I knew I wanted to be in this field at a very young age when I set foot in my mom’s second grade classroom to volunteer after school one day. In my 10+ years in ECE, I have had the pleasure of teaching in each age group, being an education coordinator, assistant direct, center director, and area manager.

While I love the versatility, my experience has given me, being a center director is my favorite position. This allows me to be heavily involved, learn with; grow, and develop other early learning professionals, and build lasting relationships with the children and families we serve. I have a Child Development Associate as well as my B.A. in Educational Studies from Western Governors University.

Children are full of wonder and it is our job to spark their curiosity and create lifelong learners. I feel so fortunate that I can be a part of such key moments in these children’s lives.

My favorite children’s books are Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Skippyjon Jones.

Natoya Wycough

Spring Street Assistant Director

Natoya came to KidsCentre after hearing from a past co-worker what a great place it was to work. In her words, “they had me at Hello!”  Natoya is currently working as the Manager in Training at our Spring Street location.  She primarily works on the day to day center operations as well as assists with the health and safety of children, curriculum development, and program quality. Natoya is a pivotal support piece for the entire center, as well as administration, and works tirelessly to make sure that everything runs smoothly. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her grandchildren and loved ones.

Ashley Matyshock

Post Alley Onsite Director

I have worked at KidsCentre since 2018, and I have loved every second of it! I moved to Seattle from Chicago in 2016 but the West Coast isn’t unfamiliar to me. I grew up in a small rural town in the middle of the redwood forest in northern California. I enjoy traveling, hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with my dog, Rizzo. My favorite children’s book is, I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont.


I have a Master of Education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and four other degrees in various areas of child development from the University of Idaho. I have worked in child care for 10 plus years and have worked In a variety of settings. I have spent most of my time in classrooms as a pre-k teacher and was able to move into the administration side of things in 2015. 


I knew I wanted to work with children from an early age. The early years are so important, and seeing the love for learning that children have at this age is my favorite thing. I believe that children learn best through play, and when themes and ideas have a connection to their daily life and activities. I think that it is crucial to focus on the whole child when creating a curriculum, and it is our privilege to help them develop life skills through classroom play and activities.  KidsCentre provides all of these things and more and I am so grateful to work here!

David Cravioto

Post Alley Assistant Director

I attended The University of Washington where I received a Certificate in audio production
 I always had an interest in teaching, taking part in helping the development of young minds is so rewarding. I have worked at KidsCentre for the past five years, and through that time, I have felt very fortunate to be part of an organization that shows so much love, attention, and dedication to makes sure that every kid receives the support they need to succeed.  My hobbies include photography, music, and listening to podcasts. I speak Spanish and try to incorporate that into my classroom’s curriculum as well!  My favorite kid’s books include the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.  

Robert Devenuti

Admissions Coordinator

I graduated UW in 2010 with a double degree in International Studies and Communications, however after graduating I spent a year abroad teaching ESL in Hangzhou, China and have been in education ever since! Following my year in China I moved to New York where eventually I spent seven years at an international boarding school – first as a dorm parent – and later as an English teacher and administrator. During those seven years I received my MA in Education Leadership at the University of Connecticut. 

I have lived all over the world but Seattle will always be home. No matter where I lived growing up, Seattle was the city my family always eventually returned to. I love being out on the water and jump at any chance to spend a day at the beach or on a boat! Other hobbies include reading, writing, paddle boarding, and traveling.