Program and policy changes for KidsCentre programs in response to COVID 19.

COVID Health and Safety changes to our program.

  • Parents drop off at the door, and a scheduled runner walks the children back and ensures initial hand-washing has been completed. Sign-in sheets are now at the door, and we do not allow parents to share pens. We are not allowing any deliveries into our center. This is so we can control the amount of people in and out of the center and minimize exposure.

  • We have marked 6-foot spaces in our hallway to ensure parents are keeping an appropriate distance when waiting to get into the center.

  • Staff and children have their temperatures taken upon entry and thermometers are cleaned between each use.   Starting today, we ask 4 specific questions to our staff upon the start of their shift to determine if they have any symptoms or risks. 

  • We now have a “high traffic” cleaning list to be completed by managers 3 times a day.  This includes areas like door handles, the front desk, bathrooms, and sinks.

  • We are spraying down all outside toys and the ropes the children use when they go up to the playground with Lysol. (we allow it to dry prior to letting the kids touch). 

  • All staff who work with children directly must change out of their street clothes upon arrival. Staff should have a change of clothing available at the center in case children drool on them. We had masks made for staff so they would have PPE available to use throughout the center when they feel they need coverage. We also offered baggies of gloves for staff to use while they commute. 

  • Staff should keep hair tied up off the collar (children tend to play with the teacher's hair and people touch their faces more frequently when hair is hanging near their faces).

  • We have limited our staff room to only 3 at a time, and also asked them to wear their masks while in the staff room if they are napping/lounging. 

  • We have hand-washing logs at every sink and teachers document when children are washing hands throughout the day. 

  • We are using the illness log for staff and children. If a child is sent home, we log and track the illnesses for trends.

  • We have purchased garbage cans that are used for touched toys so toys can be cleaned at naptime. After a toy is played with, it goes in the garbage can so the teachers know what to clean during nap.  We use a strict three-step cleaning schedule for classrooms.  We also have AM and PM rotation systems for toys.

  • No family-style meal service in any classroom. All food is served with gloved hands.

  • We spray the toilets and sink with bleach after using the staff bathrooms, and children’s bathrooms are now cleaned 4 times a day. 

  • We changed all of our filters in our air systems and adjusted them so we get more airflow inside the building.

  • Our classes are low right now, so we are maintaining very low ratio’s-but we will stay under 10 in a room at all times. 

  • No sharing of sensory items such as playdough or water play.

  • Infant and young toddler teachers should be covering their chests with a thin blanket when they are feeding or rocking a child. 

  • Teachers need to encourage children to keep additional space between them (this is very difficult with young children, but we can try!). We make sure kids are spread out during lunch, naps, and table activities. Teachers are encouraged to keep a 6ft distance.

  • We have temporarily paused tooth brushing for children.

  • Gloved hands must be used for nose-wiping and face cleaning.

For Staff: 

KidsCentre knows that teachers are the backbone of America, now more than ever.  Families need to have the peace of mind that their children are safe and cared for, but more so that their children’s school has a heightened awareness of well-being and surroundings. KidsCentre has linked arms with all of our staff so they feel safe and cared for while at work, providing a much-needed service for our families. 


  • Provided staff with PPE masks at no cost.

  • Provided staff with gloves for transit.

  • Provided staff with preventative training on new policies and procedures.

  • Provided staff with hydration and supplement supplies to increase healthy behaviors.

  • Provided staff with no-cost counseling services designed to ease stress and anxiety.

  • Company closure for 3 weeks, to ensure the health of employees-maintaining 100% pay and benefits. Employee Benefits during COVID-19 Surge 

  • Telework opportunities including Zoom, One on One calls, and conferences.

  • Flexible schedules during the first two weeks of opening to ease back into work.

  • Paid parking pass for those who do not want to take transit services




For Parents:


KidsCentre responded swiftly in response to COVID, as such we offered our families additional benefits to ease the stress and strain of this community outbreak by offering the following program additions. 

  • Provided all families with distant learning options during school closures.

  • Offered one on one circle time and activities with children while at home.

  • Offered substantial discounts to families to help ease the financial strain.

  • Offered to waive all enrollment termination fees and terms for families that were laid off during the crisis.

  • Hey, families-we know it’s been hard not coming inside our centers to see first hand all of our enhanced health and safety practices. We hope this glimpse into our day to day practices assures you that we are committed to keeping your kids safe and healthy.