Curriculum Overview

KidsCentre, Inc. utilizes The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos™ (ages 0-2) and The Creative Curriculum for Preschool™ (ages 3-5). The goals and objectives for each curriculum set the standard for our program. The children are presented with activities and opportunities that will enable them to strongly develop their social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language abilities.

The Creative Curriculum™ is a comprehensive program that directly meets the current needs of children while providing them with a solid early childhood foundation, equipping them to confidently enter elementary school. We align our program with the Washington State Kindergarten Standards, Common Core Standards (Pre-K), Washington State Department of Early Learning and National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education.


Our curriculum is presented so each child can experience a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities and opportunities to enhance their growth and development. These activities include math and literacy, kinesthetic, creative art, fine and gross motor development and project based learning units.

Field Trips

Each individual program at KidsCentre should take advantage of our urban location.  Our curriculum should be enhanced with real life experiences, various cultures and various hands-on learning opportunities.  By experiencing places such as the Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum, the Aquarium and surrounding areas, we can introduce the children to people, sights, smells, and sounds that create a meaningful connection and deepen their learning.

Extracurricular Activities

Imagination Band with Mr. Matt

Meet Mr. Matt from Imagination Band.  Mr. Matt visits both of our centers weekly and delivers a one in a million music experience for all of the children.  Mr. Matt is a Co-Founder, Creator, Teacher. Matt was born and raised in the Puget Sound.  He graduated with a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University.  He is also an alumni of I.O. Chicago’s school of comedic improvisation and Improv Boston.  He has performed in numerous professional productions in Seattle, Boston and Chicago.  He is member of the comedy duo Existential Crises and former member of The Bricklayer’s Theatre Company.  He loves teaching music to children and throwing kid's parties full of his puppet friends.

Happy Feet 

Our weekly preschool Happy Feet classes are only 30 minutes and take place at your child’s preschool once a week, These sessions will include highly structured soccer activities not only with a soccer ball but also many other fun “props” that are sure to please.

During each and every class, we make sure that every child is having a fantastic time while also developing essential physical skills along the way.

These classes are constantly building on each other, and of course ... are always age-appropriate. Each class will incorporate classic nursery rhymes, fun songs, and children’s games that have been adapted to incorporate a soccer ball and general motor skill development (including introductory soccer touches!).