Outdoor Classroom

Today it is widely accepted that the playground should be an extension of the indoor classroom. 

We are proud to announce at KidsCentre that we have fully embraced this philosophy and have completely renovated our playground as an exciting and dynamic outdoor classroom. Our outdoor learning environment offers a variety of creative spaces for our children to explore from large blackboards and painting easels, sensory water tables, and a generous sand box to a spacious large motor area designed for dramatic play. Pretend play toys are strategically placed around our outdoor environment to encourage imaginative interaction like telescopes and steering wheels, in addition to a large climbing tire, boat and bridge.    

In keeping with our goal to also provide an environment that nurtures their appreciation for nature we have surrounded our play areas with trees and a soft grassy area for picnicking and quiet interaction.

If you haven’t had a chance to see our new outdoor learning environment, we would love to an opportunity to give you a tour.

We are excited to be making many of these kinds of dynamic changes in the world of early learning with our inside as well as our outside classrooms.

Indoor Gym

With the addition of our new center Post Alley KidsCentre, we have rights to use the indoor gym (basketball court) that is located in the building.


We now have created a new playground and gym schedule that allows both facilities access to both outdoor learning and indoor physical activity.


The gym is located in the Harbor Steps building and we are happy to show any families either the playground or the gym if you would like to see out play spaces. We are excited that this also offers us opportunity for covered play when it rains.