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Our program at KidsCentre, Inc. focuses on the social, emotional, and intellectual development of each child as an individual. We use our urban environment and whole-child curriculum to encourage children to develop their own interests while learning appropriate social and emotional skills.

What Parents Are Saying

" KidsCentre puts a lot of effort into their curriculum and keeping the kids engaged. I highly recommend KidsCentre!

- Lauren B.

"My son is all smiles around his teachers when we arrive and leave.  We don't work downtown, and we don't live downtown.  KidsCentre is definitely worth the traffic."

- Cortney C.

"I love the daily notes and photos they provide to keep me connected to my children while I'm not with them.  I also know they are both safe, well cared for, and learning new skills every day."

- Bryana P.

"I have every confidence in KidsCentre and highly recommend them to anyone considering daycare in the downtown Seattle area."

- Emily R.