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KidsCentre Forms

Need to change some information?  These forms can be easily downloaded on the go, by your doctor, or at home.  Fill them out and drop them off whenever it’s convenient for you our upload them into HiMama. 

Individual Health Plan

Need to let us know about a serious medical condition and what to do in case of an emergency or how to safely administer medication?  Fill this form out and bring it in.

Immunization Record

Time for shots?  Bring this sheet with you to the doctor, get it updated and bring it in for our records or request a current copy at MyIR

Diaper Cream/Ointment Form

Our staff must have authorization from a parent or guardian to apply over the counter, topical ointments, topical teething ointment or gel, lotions and creams. Diaper creams can be soothing, however at times it can trap bacteria and mask infections that may be presenting. We respectfully request that diaper creams are only sent to school when children are showing signs of discomfort and are not kept here at school for the teachers to apply daily. All topical ointments should be in class up to a maximum of 7 days and must have a new signature each time a parent requests application. You may use this form to specify one that you provide. 

Sunscreen Permission

Sunny days to come!  If you don’t want to use the center-provided sunscreen, you can also use this form to specify one that you provide. 

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