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Disaster Preparedness

We follow the highest standards of safety and preparedness at our centers to ensure that all children and staff are safe, secure, and ready to handle emergencies and natural disasters.

Emergency Information Line: 1-877-435-3048

How do we prepare?

  • We practice a variety of emergency drills with the children each month to ensure readiness. These include fire drills, earthquake drills, lockdowns, and general evacuations. Evacuation routes and safe zones are posted in each classroom, at each exit, and in the center lobby.
  • We are required by the Department of Early Learning to maintain a Center Disaster Plan. This is available for review at the front desk.
  • We maintain Emergency Kits containing supplies for 72 hours. This includes food, water, blankets, first aid, flashlights, and communication devices
  • We have an Emergency Information Line for families to contact in case of center-wide emergencies. This line will be updated with our most current information during any big emergencies where we are unable to contact families individually, or when families are not able to contact us. We also communicate to all families via the HiMama whenever possible to keep families informed of unplanned closures due to weather or other unplanned factors.
  • All staff members are trained in First Aid and Pediatric CPR.

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